Effect of metritis on productive and reproductive performances of a dairy farm complex in Guilan province

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor in Animal Sciences, University of Guilan

2 Former M. Sc. Student in Animal Sciences, University of Guilan

3 Assistant Professor in Animal Sciences, University of Guilan


Metritis as one of the substantial disorder is one of the major diseases in dairy farm. The purpose of
this study was to evaluate the detrimental effects of metritis on a dairy farm complex in Guilan
province. Data from years 2000 to 2004 was analyzed using logistic regression procedure. In this
research, rate of metritis during the study period was 19.99 %. Results indicated that year and herd
significantly affected the incidence of metritis (P<0.01). This rate was highest in year 2002 and for the
herd of number 1. The sex and season had not significant effects on the incidence of metritis (P>0.05).
Also metritis had a significant effect on mean milk yield by five months after parturition (P<0.01). The
average milk yield in dairy cows that affected by metritis and cows without metritis were 20.73 and
21.76 kg, respectively. Furthermore, metritis had a significant effect on some of the reproductive
parameters (P<0.01) and the average of days open in the cows with metritis was 17.82 day greater than
the cows without metritis. Also, the average of interval from calving to first insemination was 6.33
days greater than cows without metritis. Metritis had not significant effect on services per conception
(P >0.05). It is concluded that effects of herd and year on metritis and effects of metritis on mean milk
yield and days open were effective.


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